Duck family waddles into New York bagel shop

A New York man who helped a mother duck and her eight ducklings cross a busy road captured video of the moment the family of birds strolled into a Brooklyn bagel shop.

Doug Gordon said he and some other bystanders helped guide traffic in the Park Slope neighborhood when the family of ducks emerged from under a van and attempted to cross a busy road.

“They went right out into the street. A couple of us jumped out to stop traffic so they didn’t get run over, and then they got to the other side. It was adorable, a real Brooklyn-steps-up sort of moment, New Yorkers taking charge,” Gordon told Gothamist.

Gordon was filming video of the birds when the mother duck led her babies right through the door of Bagel World Park Slope.

“They were in there a couple minutes, but I didn’t see what happened inside,” Gordon said. “I don’t know whether they decided to come out because they didn’t see anything on the menu they liked, or if they were chased out.”

Gordon said other witnesses to the duck family’s travels reported the birds eventually made it to safety in Prospect Park.